About Me

Hi, I'm Supawat. I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon School of Design, got conscripted by the Royal Thai Navy during a pandemic, and now I'm in Australia getting back into Design. I've worked as a UX designer with iRobot, a data visualizer with the US government, and many other roles humanizing our tech.

I'm currently looking for an opportunity to work and grow with like-minded folks at a design agency. In my free time, I cook, garden, and fix my electric bike.

This is my resume. Please feel free to reach out!

Here's my unpopular design opinion:


I don't like user-centered design.
Here’s why: when we focus only on the "user", we ignore the bigger picture and the negative side-effects that our designs can create.

Uber is so "user"-friendly, that it makes poor people pay to drive you.

Coffee pods are so "user"-friendly, that it makes the planet bleed for your convenience.

I believe Design is a force for good. It's why I became a designer. I love intuitive products; but from workers to the environments, it hurts me when designs fail to care for those who aren’t users. In my practice, I focus on applying systems thinking, participatory design, and futures to try to create the right thing –not just only for the users– but also for the people and our planet.

Awards, Press, and Recognition:

2021 – Materializing Mental Health is featured in the book: Creative Approaches to Health Education 2021

2020 – PostIndustrial won the Kier Service Design & Social Innovation Award. I also got College Honors!

2020 – Materializing Mental Health is featured in Mozilla Fest Internet Health: Neurodiversity Space in the UK

2019 – Thai Help Thai won 1st place in the Royal Thai Embassy's Database & Social Platform Design Competition

2018 – TrashML won the Grand Prize sponsored by Microsoft Cognitive Service in Tartanhacks

2017 – My team received 1st place in Deloitte Insight's Data Visualization Studio Jam at CMU