How might we inspire confidence in growing your own food during a pandemic?

Social Innovation Design

A hyper-local upcycling startup that inspires people to grow their own food during a pandemic.

My Team

Supawat Vitoorapakorn
Sasha Cohen-Ioannides
Miranda Luong

My Roles

Product Design Lead
Branding & Web Design
Manufaturing & Delivery


Personal Project


2020 Summer (100-days)


Because COVID-19 has disrupted global and domestic supply chains, food security is crumbling everywhere. Shelves are empty, farms are lacking labor, and grocery stores are becoming a bio-hazard. We might be at the precipice of a global food shortage, yet very few people today can and do grow their own food at home.

So what can we do to help?

Product Design

Minimally processed up-cycled hydroponic planters

Concept Sketch

Early sketches used to communicate the scope of this project to my team.

Communication Design

An e-commerce Webflow store and Instagram page that educates people about hydroponics.

Key Operations

Made in my Backyard. Delivered with my E-bike and USPS.

We used the Business Model Canvas to help identify potential business bottlenecks.


"The roots are insane!"

Thank you for reading, here’s what I learned!

- 💸 Profit is only one dimension for measuring a Design’s impact.
- ✍️ Design touches literally every aspect of a business.
- 🔎 The discoverability of a product is as critical as its usefulness.