Why video storytelling is an impactful way of making a change.

How “Poorer Countries” Are Winning Against COVID-19

A case study about video storytelling

A 2-minute Facebook video to celebrate the quiet COVID-19 success stories of Thailand and its neighboring countries.


Personal Project


1.5 weeks

My Team

Me, Myself, and I

My Role



Little time, big impact.

For 1.5 weeks worth of work, I reached 378k of people from a no-name account. While some of the comments are nasty and accuses me of propaganda, some of the DMs and comments were really sweet. All in all, I'm glad I published this video to celebrate a success story and I inpsire hope during such a crazy time.


People Reached




Post Shared

1.5 Weeks

Time to make

Original 2-minute Facebook video post


Although a certain amount of luck is involved, there's are best practices you can follow to ensure a viral video.

1. Understand Why

Really know why you're making this video

These are the five questions I ask myself every time before I make a video. It's also a similar set of question I ask myself every time before I engage in any critical form of communication. While none of these words appear in the script these are the thinking that drove the script.

My goals behind the video.

2. Simplify the Script

Use data-driven scripting to improve accessibility.

7th grade. That's the level of English needed to comprehend my video. Given the global nature of this video, using simple English is a must.

Hemmingway Editor is an AI editor that helps you improve your script’s accessibility.

3. Strategically Publishing

Leverage relevant Facebook Groups for shares

One of the algorithmic loop hole I seek to exploit to reach the most people is that Facebook favours content that are rapidly shared. One of the best way to distribute this video is to post it in relevant Facebook groups with a call to action to engage in the comment sections. Before I left for conscription, I made sure to post it in at-least 5 relevant Facebook groups.

A spike of 50,000 people reached after 2 days of publishing


Videos are powerful.

A well created piece of video can help your business reach millions of people.  This video is created as part of NasAcademy Content Creator 30-day course. While I am product designer, certain problems are better alleviated by storytelling.  As a UX designer, this project has helped me developed a deeper undestanding of words and how to use them for better stories.

While I could have exploited Facebook algrorithm more by being active in my comment section,  the day I posted this video was the day I was due for conscription.

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